certif steps

  • download a portable firefox used exclusively for this feature and all steps below
  • make sure you have no valid certificate ( a certificate that you requested but failed to retrieve, if unsure check  link )  ;   or ask eq info for a certificate revocation
  • schedule an appointment with eq info  ( i.e through the collaborative plateform )
  • just before the appointment you can
  • start the process with this portable application -> https://igc.services.cnrs.fr/usercert/?CA=CNRS2-Standard&lang=fr ( you can acknowledge security warnings )
  • provided you keep this  browser open during the whole process
  • contact the eq info for necessary synchroneous steps and live advices
  • you have to agree that eq info accesses two emails from your mailbox

Please note

  • you will have to view and understand a video ( audio is only in french ) 
  • once retrieved, the .crt file is to be loaded in the portable firefox ( in the certificates panel )
  • this should add a line with the new certificate in the certificate panel
  • the .crt file is useless  once your certificate is loaded in the portable firefox
  • you will have to export/backup the certificate from the portable firefox , the saved file will be a PKCS12 file ( .p12 extension )
  • the .p12 file is the one you need in the different up-to-date applications
  • because the portable firefox is prone to security flaws, you are invited to delete it once the .p12 file is generated