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PSB Spotlight on Imaging



The PSB Spolight on Imaging will take place on Tuesday 19 March on the EPN campus.

The meeting is opened to non-specialists and the aim of this meeting is to illustrate how different experimental imaging techniques can be combined to perform biological studies at different scales, ranging from single particles to large biological structures.

The morning will be dedicated to scientific talks focusing on various types of imaging techniques: electron microscopy, nanoSIM, X-ray fluroscence and holography, super-resolution imaging, neutron tomography, electron cryotomography and nanotomography

Several practical sessions are also proposed in the afternoon on: AFM, M4D/Super-resolution microscopy, cryoEM, study of thin cell sections, and X-ray/neutron tomographic reconstruction.

For site access, please send an email to by 15 March, with name, date of birth, city of birth, country of birth, nationality and name of institute.