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Lectures (IBS Seminar room)

Chair: Sylvain Bohic (ESRF)

09:00              “Study of microalgae using multiple cutting-edge single-cell imaging techniques”

                         Johan Decelle (BIG)   Website

09:40              “X-Ray tomography of neuronal tissue”

                        Tim Salditt (Göttingen University)   Website


10:20               Coffee break

 Chair: Dominique Bourgeois (IBS)

10:50              “Super-resolution microscopy for structural cell biology”

                        Christian Sieben (EPFL)   Website

11:30              “Neutron tomography of the bone-implant interface”

                        Sophie LeCann (Université Paris-Est Créteil)   Website

11:50              “Cryo X-ray nanotomography correlating structure and elemental content”

                        Peter Cloetens (ESRF)   Website

12:10              “Cryo-Electron Tomography: Seeing is Believing”

                        Alister Burt (IBS)   Website


12:30               Lunch break (not provided)


14:00-14:45              “Introduction of platforms” (CIBB seminar room)

                                  AFM by Jean-Luc Pellequer, IBS (10 mins)

                                  M4D/Super-resolution microscopy by Jean-Phlippe Kleman, IBS (10 mins)

                                  Platforms of the Partnership for Soft and Condensed Matter by Diego Pontoni, ESRF (10 mins)

                                  CryoEM and cellular EM on the EPN campus by Guy Schoehn, IBS (15 mins)


15:00-17:00               Practical sessions in:

            AFM (IBS)                              M4D/Super-resolution microscopy (IBS)

            CryoEM (EMBL)                     Study of thin cell sections (IBS)

            X-ray/neutron tomographic reconstruction (ESRF/ILL)