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PSB Spotlight on Light Scattering


The aim of this meeting is to present different experimental techniques using measurements of static or dynamic light scattering coupled to a chromatographic separation technique and their applications in biochemistry.  

  • Dynamic Light Scattering allows the determination of the diffusion coefficient and provides information about the size and assembly state of macromolecules. Coupling with SEC allows the analysis of mixtures. Implementing with a 96 plate reader allows screening solution conditions.
  • Static light scattering combined with SEC allows the determination of the molar mass of macromolecules and complexes and potentially of their hydrodynamic radius and radius of gyration.
  • Field Flow fractionation (FFF) - multi-angle light scattering: allow macromolecules and nanoparticles from 1 nm to > 1 µm fractionation and size measurement, FFF avoids adverse interactions with column packing beads.
  • Composition-gradient (CG) - multi-angle light scattering: label-free, immobilization-free characterization of protein-protein and other macromolecular interactions.
  • SEC-SAXS  and neutron scattering allows the analysis of macromolecules and complexes